Friday, August 1, 2014

Baby Essentials That Will Make Mommy's Life Easier

I can honestly tell you, I wouldn't survive without all these baby products! They're life savers through and through. I own all of these, use them on a daily basis and they really make my life easier - and keep the baby happy!

1) Snugli Carrier - We got ours at a second-hand local sale and it was quite a good deal! I use it whenever there's something I need to do / somewhere I need to go, and the baby just won't sit in her stroller / saucer patiently. For instance, I once baked cupcakes and then loaded the dishwasher while Victoria was snuggled in her Snugli. She was so comfy in it, she eventually fell asleep. How awesome is that?

2) Evenflo Excersaucer / Jumper - We got this awesome device from our family friends. It is the single most used baby product in the household. Victoria loves spending time in it - thanks to this jumper her legs are very strong now (like seriously, this girl can kick!). I can put her in it and she is content playing with the moving parts for as long as 40 minutes at a time. And guess what? After a 40 minute jumping session is ready for a nap :) Mommy loves this thing!!!

3) Organic Swaddle - This beauty is so big (47x47 inch), not even my little kicker can get out of it! She sleeps soundly through the night. No more struggling to swaddle your baby in a too small blanket, no more getting up at night multiple times to re-do the wrap. My nights have been made! And did I mention it's ORGANIC?!

4) Chewbeads - Whether your baby is teething or not, they probably enjoy chewing on things. I know my daughter does. I also know she struggles with oddly shaped chewing toys and slippery teethers. Chewbeads makes amazing silicone teethers that are healthy for the baby, easy to grab and hold on to, and really quite fashionable! Love these!

5) Soundspa - A very helpful little lullaby system that also works as a projector! It has 3 lullabies, 3 white noise recordings and 3 discs for the projector (ocean theme, nigh sky theme and jungle theme). I don't use the projector and the lullabies all that often, but I do play the white noise for my daughter every single night. It helps her sleep for sure, especially when mommy is working on a blog post just a few feet away from her crib.

6) Large and spacious Diaper Bag (Indigo Maldives Tote)- And the LARGE and SPACIOUS is the key phrase here. I finally have a diaper bag that works as a, well, diaper bag, but can also hold my bulky wallet, my phone, a book, and possibly some groceries. Seriously, it's that awesome! And it doesn't look like a diaper bag at all - just look at it, it's gorgeous! Stylish mommy, hello!

7) Baby Swing - Great for getting baby to take a nap. I love this swing, really. When it's warm enough, I drag it outside on the porch and Victoria is either happy swinging and looking around, or - even better - sleeping. And mommy can have a cup of coffee! 

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  1. These are great baby products

  2. This swaddle blankets feel like heaven! They are so soft and perfect as a stroller blanket as well.