Saturday, March 21, 2015

Apothecary Extracts: 100% Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil (Review + Giveaway)

My thoughts:

I'm new to the Tea Tree Oil club, but after using this product for about a month, I am definitely getting a golden membership. This is a fantastic product with countless uses. I have been using it to treat my dry and itchy scalp (the lavender rinse recipe from the guide). I have tried many different top-shelf brands of shampoos, conditioners and various scalp treatments, but none of these products provided any relief. I was excited to try something new and 100% natural but I didn't expect any miracles here, either. I've been using the tea tree oil and lavender rinse for almost 4 weeks now, 2-3 times per week and the itchiness went away. Completely. My scalp feels.. well, normal. It feels good. I don't get this annoying burning sensation and it doesn't look inflamed anymore. Before it felt like my scalp was on fire. It was itchy almost to the point of being painful to the touch. Just brushing my hair was enough to irritate the skin on my head. I first noticed the difference after using the rinse for two weeks. It didn't immediately help, but it helped get the itchiness under control. Now, after a month of using the tea tree oil rinse, my scalp seems completely cured and I really couldn't be more happy with this product. My hair feels cleaner and more moisturized, too.

Tea Tree Oil has tons of applications, from cleaning solutions, to spot skin treatments, hair treatments (home made rinses, shampoos and more), first aid remedies and aromatherapy. I haven't used this tea tree oil for anything else other than treating my dry and itchy scalp yet, but I'm excited to try some home-made cleaning solutions and I will definitely use it for cold sore treatment and to fight off colds and congestion.

I love the guide that comes with this product. There are some great tips and recipes in it for both the beginners and old fans of tea tree oil. The packaging is really cool, kind of vintage-y, and the 4oz bottle really is huge and well worth the money. Considering you will only be using a few drops at a time (it's super concentrated and extremely strong smelling), this product will last you forever. Plus, in my opinion, this is an investment that will pay off tenfold.

About the product:

Read more about the ingredients, 50+ uses and the company behind the product HERE.

Where to buy:
I am giving away 3 bottles of 100% Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil to 3 lucky readers of my blog! US/Canada only, ends 4/10. Enter via Rafflecopter below!

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  1. I love tea tree oil. I mostly use it for cleaning. Mixed with lavender and vinegar, it leaves my kitchen sparkling.

  2. i have tried it and i like it for itching and bug bites

  3. Tea tree oil is the best! I've used it on pimples and I feel that they go away quicker!

  4. We used it to treat bug bites one summer. I know people that swear by it. :)

  5. I've not tried it but my sister loves it!