Saturday, April 18, 2015

Bamoer Jewelry (Review and Contest)

I recently got the opportunity to try on and review some of the beautiful jewelry pieces from Bamoer. They have some really affordable but absolutely stunning looking jewelry pieces and I was thrilled to be able to wear some of them! They quickly became my favorite, go-to pieces for both casual and more dressy looks.

Today I get to share my reviews of the three jewelry pieces I received and host a contest for you! Who doesn't love a little bling-bling in their life? :)

Round Flower Stud Earrings (Swiss CZ Crystal, Platinum Plated)

These are absolutely gorgeous. So beautiful and well-made (very detailed and complex). They are very pretty and sparkly. I love wearing them, they give me this really girly, glamorous look. Size wise, they're not too big, so they don't look tacky, but they're just the right size to be noticeable - especially when light is reflecting off of them. I have light brown hair, so they really stand out against them. People have been complimenting me ever since I started wearing these. I am absolutely in love with these earrings - I wear them all the time! Probably one of the prettiest earrings I have ever received for review, and I did get quite a lot of them!

Rose Gold Plated Bracelet

Absolutely stunning! This bracelet is very sparkly and spectacular-looking. It's so shiny, you can see it from across the street, especially on a sunny day! If you like to wear some extra bling-bling to compliment your outfit, you will love this piece of jewelry.
I think it's very well made. The Zirconia stones are diamond shaped, and together with the beautiful, warm gold plated bracelet they create a very glamorous look.

I've seen other buyers complain about the clasp - personally I did not have any problems with it. You need to lift the side of it gently with your nail, and then you just slide the clasp out. It's actually a pretty easy-to-handle design.

I really enjoy wearing this bracelet!

White Gold Plated Necklace (Cubic Zirconia)

I really love this necklace. The simple, classic design is so girly and delicate! It's also very light-weight, so I often forget I even have it on. The chain is perfect length - you can adjust it slightly for just the right fit. I like to have the necklace resting just below my collar bone, where it's well visible. It's super sparkly and adds this extra pop to my outfits, no matter if it's a regular every-day jeans and blouse look, or an evening dress. This necklace works great with just about any type of look!

I am very impressed with the quality of this necklace. I wear it with the matching Zirconia earrings. It's one of my favorite pieces of jewelry.


You can win $75 worth of Jewelry from Bamoer store! How exciting is that?! 
Open World Wide! 
Ends: 5/5/2015

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  1. Love this:

  2. I would pick the Bamoer 2015 NEW 925 Silver Original Flower Charm bracelet

  3. I love the Bamoer 18K White Gold Plated Necklaces with Green AAA Cubic Zircon Round Pendant! It's very elegant and simple.

  4. I love the High Quality Fashion 18K Rose Gold Plated Zircon Star Bracelet and Christmas Gift Flower Crystal Chain Bracelet.

  5. I would pick the Bamoer Luxury CZ Stone Crystal Pendant Necklace for Women 18K Champagne Gold Plated and Bamoer New Arrival Luxury 18K Rose Gold Plated Chain, Bamoer 18K Gold Plated Fish Finger Ring with Paved Micro AAA Cubic Zircon, and Exquisite Champagne Gold Plated Butterfly Ring for Women.

  6. I'm not a 100% sure of all that I would get, but I do love the look of the Bamoer 18K Platinum Plated Pearl Pendants Necklace. I may do a necklace and matching bracelet. I don't know! So many choices and so inexpensive!!!

  7. Wow, everything is so pretty and such low prices!! I'm in love with the Bamoer Luxury Silver Charm Bracelet for Women With High Quality Murano Glass Beads DIY Christmas Gift PA1801!

  8. I would choose the Bamoer 18K White Gold Plated Bridal Women Ring with Light Green AAA Zircon and a Bamoer Luxury 18K Rose Gold Plated Flower Jewlery Set.

  9. I would pick the 2015 New Arrival Wrap Leather Bracelet Black and Brown Braided Rope and Luxury Classic Stud Earrings Champagne Gold Plated For Women Wedding Zircon Crystal Bamoer Jewelry JSE034

  10. I would love the Leather Chain Alloy Robe bracelet in white for summer!

  11. I like the earrings in champagne gold. Everything is just so nice and reasonable.

  12. I love earrings so I'd have to get the Luxury 18k Rose Gold Stud Earrings with Zircon Crystal JIE004 and the Christmas Gift Flower Crystal Stud Earrings YIE005.

  13. If I was the lucky winner, I would get the Roman wedding jewelry set with AAA zirconias and the Genuine 18K gold plated real red leather infinity bracelet!!

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