Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Review + #Giveaway: Polaroid Cube + Accessories

Recently I got this amazing opportunity to test out and provide feedback on the newly released awesomeness from Polaroid: A Polaroid Cube Cam! It's the stuff of dreams for anyone who loves making creative, fun videos - and not just for YouTube, but for personal use, too. It's super fun and easy to use, allows you to do the most creative things and is just... so. amazingly. cool! 

Today, I am here to share my opinions about this coolest invention ever, and give one lucky follower a chance to win not only the Cube Cam itself, but 5 custom designed accessories that will make using the Cube 10000x more fun! 

Check out my review, the fantastic video and enter to win! Because I am working towards a goal (getting into Amazon TOP 500), I will ask you to like my Amazon reviews to enter. 

Amazing! This tiny (35mm), cute-looking camera is capable of taking some truly beautiful, high-quality movies and stills.

Featuring a 124° wide-angle lens and 6MP CMOS Sensor for Crisp Images, Polaroid Cube takes amazing quality HD videos (in .mov format only) and high resolution pictures (they turn out crisp, vivid and clear). There are two video rate settings you can select: 720p or 1080p. It comes with a build-in rechargeable battery, capable of recording up to 90 minutes of videos on a single charge. It supports micro SD cards up to 32 GB

It's so small and lightweight, you can strap it to your wrist (using strap mount), mount it on your bike (using bike mount), or clip it to your backpack (using the bumper pendant case). There's quite an impressive collection of really cool custom accessories you can get for your Polaroid Cube, including bumper cases, waterproof cases, tripods, mounts and more. And they're not only useful, but also very hip looking and fashionable.

For something this small, the camera feels surprisingly sturdy and well made. It claims to be shock and water proof, but personally I wouldn't risk it. If you plan on biking or swimming with it, I'd suggest getting a bumper and waterproof case. Just to be on the safe side. Thanks to its size and weight, it's extremely portable. You can take it anywhere you go, strap it to your dog's collar, mount it on your tripod for recording YouTube videos, or stick it to almost anything you want (there's a magnet at the bottom of the cam!). You can be as creative as you wish, the Polaroid Cube will accommodate all your needs. The possibilities are endless!

Best part is, using it is easy-breezy. There's nothing complex about it at all. You double-tap the button to start recording a video, single tap it to take a picture. There is an LED light and buzzer sound indicating what the camera is doing at the moment (red light indicates recording a video, orange indicates charging, green indicates the camera is ON and ready to roll). You can access the videos and pictures by connecting the Polaroid Cube to your computer. It's all very simple and intuitive, even technologically challenged people can do it.

This, in my opinion, is an essential accessory to your Polaroid Cube camera, especially if you plan on using it to film YouTube videos, video logs or just need to keep the camera perfectly still and safe while shooting a movie.

The mount is designed for Polaroid POLC3 Cube and it allows you to attach your cam to just about any tripod of choice. It's made with highest quality materials (plastic and rubber) and it won't rust over even if it gets wet. It's a well made, sturdy accessory, designed for quick and easy mounting.

You detach the cube by pulling lightly on the tap (I wouldn't pull the releasing tap too hard for the fear of it snapping off). It fits the cube cam perfectly snug and seems to secure it in place well. The camera stays secured even when shaken and lightly bumped. It's compatible with the waterproof case, so you can use it for underwater shooting.

Designed for Polaroid POLC3 Cube, this bicycle mount fits on any 1" thick handlebar. It's well made and really easy to install, providing a sturdy grip on the camera and securing the Cube in place firmly.

Attaching the camera to your bike is quick and easy, you just basically clip it on. It fits snug on the bar and is secured enough for normal, around-the-neighborhood biking, but I wouldn't trust it to keep the camera safe during mountain biking, or off-the-road biking. And not only because there's a possibility of it falling off, but also because the video would be simply too shaky. Detaching is easy in theory- you just press two buttons on the side and slide the camera out -but in practice it can take some wiggling to get the Cube out. Still, it doesn't require any assembling and screwing, so it's a relatively fast and painless process every time.

I like the fact that you can easily set the recording angle. You can rotate the camera left and right and twist it 360 degrees, and it's easy to adjust the angle while biking.

I wish it was a bit more secure for more bumpy biking (for instance, the exciting down-the-hill kind), but overall this is a nice accessory that I will be using while biking around the park, or local scenic routes.

This Polaroid POLC3ST Strap Mount is designed for Polaroid Cube camera and it comes with 2 nylon straps (different lengths). You can strap the mounted camera to virtually anything, provided it's not something too thick for the strap to embrace.

The mount rotates 360 degrees, so you can adjust the recording angle however you like. It's sturdy and you can pull the straps tight enough to securely carry the camera around (for example, on your wrist) and not having to worry about the camera detaching itself and getting damaged. It fits the waterproof housing so you can even swim with it.

We tested it by strapping it onto our dog and letting him run around the apartment. It worked perfectly fine, I doubt he even realized he was carrying around a camera (the Cube cam is tiny and light weight).

It's a good product with many applications. I have no complaints so far.

Excellent product! Hands down, one of the best accessories you could get for your Polaroid POLC3 Cube camera. It comes with a suction cup mount that you can "stick" onto flat, smooth surfaces. It also works with all the other mounts for the Cube cam, so you can easily attach the camera to your wrist using the strap mount, or clip it onto a rail on your boat and film some water activities. The possibilities are endless.

The case fits the Cube cam perfectly and keeps it completely waterproof. You can even go snorkeling with it (up to 10m). I do think it's worth spending some extra money to purchase the other mounts as well, as the Cube takes really amazing videos and pictures, and the waterproof casing doesn't steam up.

You can adjust the angle by turning the platform left or right, but it's only the bottom case that rotates. The top can not be turned, so you have to make sure to adjust the angle before securing the mount in place. The suction cup, when placed on a clean and smooth surface, locks in place strong and stays secured. I did not have any issues with it loosening its grip at all.

This is a nice little case for your Polaroid POLC3 Cube cam, but its functionality is limited to carrying it around (clipped onto a backpack, belt or purse) and making sure it doesn't get damaged from bumps, because it covers the LED light indicating when the camera is on/off/recording and muffles the buzzing sound, so it's hard to tell whether the camera is turned on and recording. You will also need to take the casing off to connect the Cube to your computer or to charge it.

The rubber seems very durable and offers a nice buffer, I'm pretty sure it will keep my Polaroid Cam safe and sound. I just wish it came in a variety of designs and colors that would make it more fashionable and hip, because the simple one-color design is just... very plain.

Disclosure: I received a complimentary review sample from the manufacturer of this product.This did not affect my opinion in any way.

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