Saturday, May 16, 2015

For Your Child's Nursery: Adorable Smiley Face Rainbow Sound-Activated Lamp!

Where to get: AMAZON ($10.98 + free shipping with Prime)

This is a very cute sound sensor lamp for your baby's nursery. It's colorful and very happy-looking. My daughter loves it. She's 14 months now and rarely wakes up at night anymore, but when she does, she sometimes gets scared and needs to be comforted. This lamp works great in two ways - when my daughter makes a sound (doesn't have to be crying or anything loud, the lamp turns on when there's some louder shuffling), the light coming from the lamp is enough to soothe her and calm her down. If that doesn't work, because she's in pain or just woke up from a nightmare, the light helps me get to her bed to comfort her, without turning the brighter lamp on and waking her entirely.

The light isn't too bright, it's a standard nursery night-time light, so it only offers enough brightness for you to be able to see what you're doing without running into things, or waking baby up. The sensor is pretty sensitive, sometimes the lamp turns on when I turn around in bed (I sleep in the same room with my daughter), but because the light is so dimmed, it doesn't disturb my daughter's sleep.

It turns on for 30 seconds at a time. When it's in night mode, it's activated by sound. If needed, you can also tap the top and it will come on, too. Same during day time - you can activate it by tapping. I think it's super useful and I really like the design. It's multi-colored, so it captures baby's attention. My daughter often picks it up just to carry it around and play with it.

It's made out of plastic and runs on batteries. There aren't any sharp edges or pieces that could fall off and be swallowed by your child, so it's safe to place it in your baby's crib and let your child play with it.

I received a free sample of the product for evaluation purposes. All thought and opinions are my own.


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  1. This is adorable. My 2.5 yr old would love it. She said the toy rainbow is so pretty when I showed the picture to her.

  2. I love that it has a sensor. I hate trying to find a button in the dark.

  3. I love the bright colors and the little happy clouds.